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Handle Set

Balanced Float Handles™ for the Professional

Years of developmental work have gone into the perfection of a superior float handle. The head is hardened stainless steel with just the right weight for carbide blades (which require a heavier handle to cut efficiently), yet thin enough to access problem areas. The shafts are stainless steel with a choice of either round or flat shaft design. The grips are polyurethane for feel and durability. Colors are offered as well as black for the grips. Lengths and angles are standard on seven different equine dental float handles. Upon request, we can modify these to suit your preference. Also, we offer a round shaft pistol grip in any angle or length that you may desire. A unique design feature of the handle heads allow them to take either 3" or 3-1/4" length blades. Each handle is polished and finished all over to give them the look and feel of a highly professional product.

Our Ergo shape™ Grips are standard in the colors shown and are also available in Black. The colors help you choose the correct handle. Black, however, makes a very nice looking handle. All grips have a marker for the thumb to feel so you can align the grip with the flat of the blade. They also have bumps and rings on the surface to help give your hand a sure grip. They are available in small, medium and large sizes.

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#1 Handle

#1 Handle, 7" from front to red grip with 20 degree open head angle

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#2 Handle

#2 Handle, 7" from front to blue grip with head straight with the shaft.

#3 Handle - Side
#3 Handle - bottom

#3 Handle, 12" from front to green grip with 18 degree open head angle

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#4 Handle - top

#4 Handle, 14" from front to purple grip with just 3 degree closed head angle.

#5 Handle - top
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#5 Handle, 14" from front to wine grip, 3/4" offset shaft angled just 3 degrees closed.

 Ultra Slim™ Handle examples shown.

 Ultra Slim™ Pocket Handle™ to get the Last Molar.

#6LP Handle - top
#6 Handle - bottem
Pocket Handle™ - bottom

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#6LP Handle, is both Ultra Slim™ and a flat shaft Pocket Handle™, 16" to grip and 10 degrees closed angle. This handle is especially made to get the back side of the last molars. It takes a 1-1/4" length Pocket Blade™.

See the "Blades for Floats" section of this web-site for blade specifications.

#7 Handle - side

#7 Handle, 10" from front to orange grip. Note special bend as an aid to help you get to the premolars.

Pistol Grip Float Handles with Ergo shape™ Grips

#PGH Handle - Side

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#PGH Handle, round shaft, length of shaft and head angle must be specified.

 Pocket BladeFloat Handles examples shown below.

 Ultra Slim™ Miniature Horse, Flat Shaft Pocket BladeFloat Handles

Ultra Slim™ handle

Shown is a picture of a Pocket Blade™ and an Ultra Slim™ flat shaft Pocket Blade™ Handle. This is a set up that utilizes the least amount of space yet the blade is easily removable. Simply remove two set screws from the back-side and the blade will slip out of the handle. It can then easily be packaged and sent back to us for re-grinding.

#MN-1 Handle

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#MN-1 Handle, 18 degree open angle, 9" to grip, 2-1/4" Pocket Blade ™ shown.

Flat Handle for Floating Miniature Horses' Teeth.

#MN-2 handle

#MN-2 Handle, 3 degree closed angle, 9" to grip, 2-1/4" Pocket Blade™ shown.

Flat Handle for Floating Miniature Horses' Teeth.

Pocket BladeFloat Handles- for MAKITA® Reciprocators

MPS-1 handle

#MPS-1 Round Shaft Pocket Handle™ for 1-1/4" length Pocket Blade™ shown. The angle is 5 degrees open at a 15-1/2" working length for our MK-0, MK-1 and MK-2 MAKITA® motors. The light weight of these shafts will not cause excessive vibration at the more efficient higher speeds.

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MPS-2 handle

#MPS-2 Round Shaft Pocket Handle™ for 1-1/4" length Pocket Blade™ shown. The angle is 15 degrees closed at a 15-1/2" working length for our MK-0, MK-1 and MK-2 MAKITA® motors.

Note: Reciprocators require light weight but strong shafts and heads. If the handle is too heavy, the reciprocating unit will vibrate making it difficult to do the required work. A speed of about 2700 strokes a minute is about right for a fast cut. A heavy handled reciprocator cannot run that fast without excessive vibration. Our light weight Pocket BladeFloat Handles and Pocket Blades™ solves this problem. See our modified MAKITA®® reciprocating units in the "Float Motors" section of this web site.

Cheek Retractor™

Cheek Retractor™

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Cheek Retractor™, made if stainless steel, this tool will allow a person to extend the cheek of a horse for inspection of the mouth without the use of a speculum. This saves much time and trouble when showing a customer the condition of his horses teeth. Simply insert under the cheek and pull outward. One side of the retractor fits small horses. The other side fits large horses.

Dental Malocclusions Poster

Dental Chart Dental Chart Book

PS-1 Poster

PS-2 Poster Book

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PS-1 Poster, this poster chart has all the common equine dental malocclusions on the poster face. It is of exceptionally high quality of both poster material and details in color. This is the work of Doctor Tom Johnson, DVM.

PS-2 Poster Book is the same material in a flip book form. This makes it convenient to carry.

PS-3 Folder is a high quality paper folder (not shown) with the same material on it but folded so it will fit a persons inside coat pocket.

Lights for the Head

#HA-1 light #HA-2 light #HA-3 light




HA-1 Powerful four Battery Halogen spotlight in a watertight unit with a quality head band as manufactured by "Princeton Tech".

HA-2 Halogen, mfg. by "Light Tech" with a transformer to reduce line voltage to a low voltage in a cord that goes from the waist up to the headband.

HA-3 Pelican Light, smallest size light is an intense 6000 candle power beam that because of it's small size can locate from a spot almost between the eyes.

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