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For the Equine Dentist or Veterinarian

Patent No: US 7,238,021 B1

"GT" Utopia Guards™

Utopia Guard™ Set Picture

Our Patented "GT" Utopia Guards™ are the most advanced guards on the market. They can be outfitted into a complete system that makes it easy for a practitioner to rapidly float horses' teeth.

Check these reasons why "GT" Utopia Guards™ are the best.

* A lower profile than any guard on the market.

* Machined out of aluminum to have light weight and then hard anodized for wear Resistance, or out of stainless steel for maximum strength. The choice is yours.

* Replaceable sleeve inserts that contain both seals and ball bearings for support of the rotating burr. These can easily and quickly be replaced if need be.

* Vacuum chamber and channel machined into the aluminum to remove dental dust.

* Water irrigation available that is very effective in removing heat from the work site.

* Stainless Soft Tissue Saver™ that is very effective and resists wear.

* Powerful Motor and cable matched to the units to be trouble free.

* Complete system includes vacuum line, foot switch and belt to hold motor.

* Does not require hand pieces. Flex shafts plug directly into units.

* Handy, shorter universal version is available to make your work easier.

* Ball bearings with seals are used for performance and to keep moisture out.

* Efficient, our special carbide burrs as utilized in these guards are the fastest method known for floating horses' teeth.

* Safe, these guards protect both the horse and the practitioner. When connected to a vacuum, they remove most of the hazardous cutting dust.

* Our #B58 carbide burrs and #BD58 diamond burrs fit these guards. This gives you a choice of the sharpness of carbide or the long life of diamond on your job.

* Rugged, these guards are designed to be long lasting with just a minimum of care.

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GT-12 Side View

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Patent No: US 7,238,021 B1

GT-12 Bottom View

#GT-12 Utopia Guard™ , shown in both side and bottom view with a burr in place. This unit plugs directly into a heavy duty flexible cable which then connects to a clutch and a driving motor. The tube in the back connects to a vacuum line and then to a vacuum to keep the dental dust at a minimum. The connecting cable and motor is usually a SUHNER® but with an adaptor, this unit may be connected to a FOREDOM® motor. The overall length of this unit is 16-5/16 inches and is very light as it is made of anodized aluminum. The stainless steel units are about 1/3 heavier. This is our most popular burr guard in the Patented "GT" series.

#GT-14 Utopia Guard™, is the same as shown above but two inches longer for use on horses with very long heads. The overall length is 18-5/16 inches

Handle on GT-12

#GT-HAN, detachable handle shown attached to a #GT-12 Utopia Guard™. This handle is especially manufactured to fit the #GT-12 or GT-14 unit. It may be ordered separately from the Utopia Guard™ as an accessory. See Patent No: US 7,238,021 B1.

Stainless Steel Version of the "GT" Guards

View of GT12-SS
Side View of GT12-SS
Bottom View of GT12-SS

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Patent No: US 7,238,021 B1

#GT12-SS Utopia Guard™ Similar to the GT-12, this Patented guard is made of stainless steel for durability and the sides have been trimmed away to reduce weight. This unit is long enough to do most horses. The overall length is 16-5/16 inches.

#GT14-SS Utopia Guard™ is pictured above and is a size larger to do the largest horses. The overall length is 18-5/16" inches.

Side View of GT-4

#GT-4 Utopia Guard™, shown with burr installed. This Patented guard has a vacuum outlet at rear of this guard. It is important to use a vacuum to get rid of the dental dust as it is considered a health hazard.

Patent No: US 7,238,021 B1

Bottom View of GTU

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#GTU Utopia Guard™, this Patented utility guard will take a variety of tools including the diamond cut-off tool shown. The important feature of having a vacuum outlet to take away the dental dust which is considered a health hazard. These shorter guards take shorter tools. Therefore put a "U" in the tool number when ordering and we will provide shanks to the right length for each tool ordered.

Carbalux™ Extended Shank Burrs for your Guards

Precision ground carbide burrs when used in a proper and safe set-up are the fastest way to remove excess tooth material in floating horses teeth. We introduced carbide burrs to the equine dentist about 12 years ago. Since then, great advances have been made in the proper grind of burrs to cut horses' teeth. Also, shank lengths have been extended from the original 2" shanks to as long as 14". Guards to protect the horse as well as the practitioner have been developed. Vacuums have come into use to remove the dental dust from the scene. The design of the guards have been improved. The ones in this web site are the latest and best. The following burrs fit these guards. They represent new designs and new accuracy in grinding burrs. Guards of our manufacturer require our burrs to function properly and safely as there are no industry standards for the manufacture of burrs. The wrong burr may not cut efficiently and it may damage your guard. Our burrs are manufactured to a very close tolerance, made of the best grade of carbide, and the best tooth design for the floating of horses' teeth, and can be reground a number of times.

#B58-2 Diamond Cut

B58 Diamond Cut with TiCN Coating.

#B58-2 Double Cut

B58 Double Cut with TiCN Coating.

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You should make a decision regarding whether you like the diamond cut burr as shown at top, or the double cut burr as shown in the bottom photo. The diamond cut is our best seller as it has the most cutting points and gets the job done faster. If you don't make a decision, then this is the cut we send you. However, some practitioners like the double cut as it leaves a smoother surface. The TiCN coating is available only on B-58 burrs either in Diamond cut or Double cut. This coating is well worth the extra cost as it not only increases wear life but it helps prevent loading or the burr and deterioration of the carbide edge due to the acids in a horses saliva.

#B58-12 Burr

#B58 Burrs have a head that is 5/8" diameter, 1" long. The shaft is 1/4" diameter and comes in various lengths to match the guards they are used in. The shortest is 1" and the longest is 14". Our guards require our close tolerance burrs to work properly. There are no standards that burr manufactures have to adhere to. Therefore, burrs on the market vary widely as to tooth design, head diameters, shaft dimensions and grade of carbide. We, therefore, have made our own standards and close tolerances on all dimensions. Our burrs will invariably perform superbly. Other burrs on the market may damage your guard beyond repair. For overall length, add one inch to the shaft lengths shown below.

#B58-14, fits our "GT-14" guards. The shaft length is 14".

#B58-12, fits our best selling " GT-12" guards. Shaft length is 12".

#B58-10, fits any 10" guard. Shaft length is 10".

#B58-8, fits any 8" guard. Shaft length is 8".

#B58-6, fits any 6" guard. Shaft length is 6".

#B58-4, fits our "GT-4" guard. Shank length is 4".

#B58-2, fits any 2" guard. Shank length is 2".

#B58-1, fits our GTU units. Shank length is 1".

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Carbalux™ Standard Shank Burrs

#B-9 Burr Set

#B-9 Burr Assortment. These burrs are stocked in Diamond Cut and are intended to do a variety of jobs around the front of a horses mouth. They all have 1/4" X. 2" long shanks and will fit the standard DREMEL® or FOREDOM® hand pieces. They also will adapt to our GTU hand piece which will give you the advantage of sealed bearings and a vacuum outlet in a hand piece that is easier to use. They can be purchased individually as shown below. They may also be ordered in double cut design on special order.

Ball Burr

#C716, Ball shape 7/16" diameter, 1/4" X. 2" shank.

#C12, Ball shape, 1/2" diameter, 1/4" X. 2" shank.

#C58, Ball shape, 5/8" diameter, 1/4" X. 2" shank.

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Cylindrical Burr

#B716, Cylindrical shape, 7/16" diameter, 1/4" X. 2" shank.

#B12, Cylindrical shape, 1/2' diameter, 1/4" X. 2" shank.

#B58, Cylindrical shape, 5/8" diameter, 1/4" X. 2" shank.

Cone Burr

#D38, Cone shape, 3/8" diameter, 1/4" X. 2" shank.

#D12, Cone shape, 1/2" diameter, 1/4" X. 2" shank.

#D58, Cone shape, 5/8" diameter, 1/4" X. 2" shank.

1/4" Cylindrical Burr

#E-1 Cylindrical, 1/4" diameter, 1/8" X. 1-1/2" shank.

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Calicoat™ Diamond Coated Burrs

BD34-1 Diamond Burr

Man made crushed and graded diamonds are plated on a steel body to form an abrasive surface that will out cut and out last any other abrasive material. All tools that cut or abrade horses teeth are subjected to cutting a very hard and abrasive material. Diamond, being the hardest substance on earth, will cut faster and outlast any other abrasive tool.

#BD58-2, 5/8" diameter, 1/4" X. 2" shank.

#BD58-4 = ditto except 4 inch long shank.

#BD58-6 = ditto except 6 inch long shank.

#BD58-8 = ditto except 8 inch long shank.

#BD58-10 = ditto except 10 inch long shank.

#BD58-12 = ditto except 12 inch long shank.

#BD58-14 = ditto except 14 inch long shank.

#BD34-1 3/4" diameter, 1 inch long shank

Spur Burrs™

Tungsten hard pins sticking out from the surface give these burrs a rapid cut and a smooth finish. Use them to smooth and blend your work after you have used the burrs shown above. These burrs can be used in either the DREMEL®, the FOREDOM®, or our "GTU" hand piece.

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SC-34F Spur Burr™

SC-34F, Fine cut cylindrical shape 3/4" diameter.

SC-34C, Coarse cut cylindrical shape 3/4" diameter.

Calicoat™ Diamond Cut-off Blades

A thin steel disk is welded to a shank and plated on both sides with diamond grit. This wheel will cut through incisors or points very fast without the impediment of having a nut or screw head interfering with the work. Use in a high speed hand piece or our "GTU" hand piece. See our Patent No: US 7,238,021 B1.

Diamond Cut-off

#A-1, 1" diameter with 1/8" shank.

#A-2, 1" diameter with 1/4 " shank.

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